AMQG Round Robin 2017

Starts in May!
Welcome to the AMQG Round Robin!

The next Round Robin is starting at the May 2017 Meeting!!

In this swap, each participating quilter will create a starter ROW, BLOCK, or MEDALLION and then will exchange it with other quilters.

Drop in when you are ready, or drop out anytime you feel your quilt is done. The exchange will take place on the first Thursday at each monthly meeting of the Austin MQG.

How It Works

  • Create a ROW, BLOCK OR MEDALION to exchange with other quilter’s in the quilty throw down.
  • Pack up your completed ROW, BLOCK or MEDALLION in a bag, box or tote and bring it to the next meeting (any meeting). Exchange your quilt box, bag or tote for another quilter’s quilty stuff.
  • Take it home and add to the quilt top.
  • Each month you will trade off and exchange for a new box, bag or storage tote. The exchange will take place at our Austin Modern Quilt Guild meetings on the first Thursday of every month.
  • Bring your Rockin! Robin box, bag or tote to the next Austin MQG meeting and get ready to have fun!

Items for Your First Exchange

  • Completed BLOCK, ROW, or MEDALLION in a box, bag or storage tote
  • Additional fabrics, if desired
  • Journal (optional) or a preferences sheet and several sheets of paper
  • Buttons, design ideas, embellishments (anything you wish to have included in your quilt)
  • Disposable camera for pictures along the way (optional)
  • Quilt label for signatures of the quilters (an easy label is made by ironing a piece of muslin to freezer paper

General Guidelines

  • Prepare a box, bag or tote for the project to travel through the rotations — include your name and phone/email address inside.
  • Place your completed BLOCK, ROW or MEDALLION in the bag, box or tote along with any additional fabric you would like in your quilt. If you do not include fabrics, each person working on your quilt will select the fabrics of their choice.
  • As this is a Modern Round Robin, fabrics should have the modern aesthetic, and be 100% quilt-shop quality cotton.
  • Add a journal or a few sheets of paper with your personal preferences on it. You can start with the first entry and explain how you came up with the idea for your center block or row, or explain what your vision for the quilt is. Leave words of encouragement for the next person or wishes you may have for the finished quilt. It’s okay to specify colors you don’t want in your quilt or to say you would prefer all solids/tonals. Please, however, be flexible and open to the creator’s inspirational direction.
  • Be sure to add whether you prefer prewashed fabric or not.
  • Add a quilt label so the quilter’s who work on your quilt can sign it.
  • Drop in when you are ready to join, or drop out when you feel your quilt has reached its quilty best and is ready to be pieced and/or quilted.
  • Lastly, follow the Golden Rule: do unto other’s quilts as you would have done unto yours.

Helpful Hints

  • If making a MEDALLION quilt, your MEDALLION should be at least 12 inches; if it is smaller than 12 inches, it will get lost in the rounds and will not be a focal point when your quilt is completed.
  • If you need inspiration, Google “Modern Round Robin quilts” or “Modern Row Robin Quilts” or “Modern Medallion quilts”
  • Not sure where to start? How about using that orphan block that you love but can’t figure out what to do with it.
  • Use your favorite modern technique or block to get creatively inspired.
  • Some design elements you may want to include in your design include:
    -Negative space
    -Improvisational piecing
    -Alternate block structures
    -Reinterpretation of traditional blocks

Your Responsibilities

  • If you can’t bring your exchange to the meeting, it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to bring it for you. If you can’t send the box or bag with someone else, you must make arrangements with the next person in line to receive your quilt to deliver or mail the quilt no later than one week after the meeting. No exceptions.
  • If you don’t finish your next ROW or BLOCK, and this happens to you consistently, you may be asked to drop out. Don’t disappoint yourself or your fellow quilt makers – keep your commitment and make sure to finish your ROW or BLOCK each month.
  • You are working on someone else’s quilt, so be sure to use your very best workmanship. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, so if you add a row or a block, and it does not lay flat, or just looks bad . . . take it out and do something less complicated or make something else that looks better. Remember: there are many talented quilters in our guild that would be happy to help with advice on a tricky bit of stitchery – just ask them.

Still Have Questions?

If you have a question or a problem, call or email Denise or Cheryl. Contact numbers and emails will be provided when you sign up or at your first exchange – or contact us on the AMQG Facebook page.