Committee Descriptions

The functions of Austin MQG Committees as outlined in the Policies and Procedures are:

Reports to the VP of Events
(Cynthia Prater,

  • Organize social sew-ins and retreats
  • Plan and advertise Guild happy hours
  • Organize and advertise geographic sewing bees

Reports to the VP of Communications
(Kim Hertel,

  • *Shall receive an annual incidentals budget to be determined by the Board
  • Responsible for the content provided in newsletters, promotional materials, press, advertising, social media
  • Assists VP in cultivating sponsorships and distributing promotional materials as necessary

Reports to the VP of Events
(Cynthia Prater,

  • *Shall receive an annual incidentals budget to be determined by the Board
  • Coordinates quilts and/or sewn items for donations and auctions including:
    • Organization of Service sew-ins,
    • Cultivation and maintenance of relationships with receiving organizations,
    • Responsibility for tracking and using fabric donations, and
    • Clear communication of service goals and projects to membership

Reports to the VP of Programming
(Danielle Mariani,

  • Research, suggest, and plan classes, workshops, teacher and speaker visits sponsored by The Guild, including topics and new skills of focus for meetings
  • Manage internal challenges and swaps
  • Manage national QuiltCon guild challenges
  • Assist in finding meeting or workshop space as necessary

Reports to the Secretary
(Sara Newsom,

  • Keeps a record of The Guild’s activities during the year
  • Responsible for coordinating photography at AMQG functions
  • Compilation of information for annual report
  • Guide Board nominations and elections
    • Compile candidate profiles, verify eligibility to run, etc.

Reports to the Treasurer
(James Scott

  • Man the sign-in desk at meetings, including:
    • Record attendance of members at monthly meetings,
    • Coordinate member nametags,
  • Set up the meeting space before the general meeting
  • Assist in maintaining membership count
  • Assist in preparing/distributing materials to members