Board Member Job Descriptions


  • Primary contact for The Guild
  • Runs monthly general meetings and meetings of Executive Council
  • Prepares meeting agenda in consultation with Executive Council
  • Can enter into contractual obligations on behalf of The Guild
  • Can use The Guild’s bank debit card, PayPal account or write checks in order to conduct business on behalf of The Guild Approves meeting minutes
  • Presents an annual report (year-in-review) to present to the membership at the annual meeting.

VP of Communications

  • Responsible for the Marketing committee
  • Runs monthly meetings in absence of the President
  • In charge of correspondence to The Guild, including any official correspondence via e-mail, Facebook or blog posts.

VP of Events

  • Responsible for the Events and the Service committees
  • Runs monthly meetings in absence of the President and the VP of Communications.

VP of Programming

  • Responsible for the Programming committee
  • Runs monthly meetings in absence of the President, the VP of Communications, and the VP of Events.


  • Responsible for the Membership committee
  • Responsible for maintain Guild Roster on The MQG Website
  • Responsible for maintaining Guild financial records via PayPal and Guild checking account.
  • Responsible for annual P&L statement/financial report to the Guild and to The MQG
  • Responsible for filing any necessary tax returns with the IRS on the Guild’s behalf.
  • Responsible for monitoring Guild budget.


  • Responsible for the Yearbook Committee
  • Runs monthly meetings if President and the VPs are absent
  • Keeps records of minutes, including motions made and carried at each general, special or Executive Council meeting.
  • Maintains a digital record of official meeting minutes.
  • Maintains a master calendar of Guild business and events
  • Gives required notice of all meetings in cooperation with VP of Communications
  • Supply a year-in-review of Guild activities at the annual meeting. This yearbook will be available in digital format to all members.
  • Ensures photos of Guild events are taken, including Meetings, Events, Retreats and Workshops.
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