The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is a community of modern quilters in Austin and the surrounding areas who like to focus on modern design and quilting.  The quilts we make vary from traditional patterns made with funky fabrics to improvisational piecing with no patterns. We range from absolute beginner quilters to long time quilters with knowledge to share!

You can be involved in many ways as a member, virtually or in-person! We also have volunteering opportunities when you become part of one of our committees.

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Our Board
Catherine Cureton

Catherine has been sewing as long as she can remember, but didn’t discover quilting until 2011. In the years since she pieced her first quilt, the hobby has snowballed into a full time passion.
The MQG has brought Catherine into an amazing community of makers and taught her so many new things about quilting. She is excited for the opportunity to give back by serving as president this term.

Kim Hertel
Vice President of Communications

Kim grew up surrounded by quilts; she has always sewn but didn’t get into quilting herself until 2010. Since joining the Austin MQG in 2015, the guild has been essential to her growth in quilting- it has been a huge resource to learning new techniques and inspiring new ideas, and a brought much joy in sharing a common interest with like-minded, quilty folks. Kim would like to give back to the guild that has helped her grow so much.

Danielle Mariani
Vice President of Programming

Danielle Mariani comes from generations of sewists and makers of all things fabric, thread or yarn. Oddly, no one was a quilter in particular. In an attempt to deviate just a bit, she made her first quilt for her father’s 60th birthday in 2001. It consisted of 206 old photos transfered and fussy cut with templates. Wow has the quilting world changed in the last 16 years. Now she enjoys vivid color, and finding ways to incorporate the old with the new and always adding something odd or unexpected to her quilts. In her third year as a AMQG member, she has
seen the best practices of years gone past as well as welcomes the desires of members for meetings to come.

Cynthia Prater
Vice President of Events

Cynthia made her first quilt back in late 2008 through a charity organization and has not looked back since. “Each quilt I make teaches me that I will never know everything about quilting. I tend to believe that I lean more toward modern quilting as it allows me to think outside of the box, but with a hint of traditional style. So, I like to call it a fusion of modern/traditional. Since service has been made prominent within the guild, it has given me an opportunity to do what I love…giving back through my craft of sewing. I truly enjoy the fellowship among our members with the sew-ins and gatherings, which encourages us to freely get to know each other outside of the monthly meetings. I believe I can help the events team continue our goal of serving and furthering the growth of relationships among the members. I look forward to continuing the TEAM
aspect that we have formed.”

Sara Newsom

“I love the Modern Quilt Guild! When I retired four years ago I started quilting in earnest. Prior to that I had finished one quilt but it took my 13 years to complete. I love working with color and think quilting is a wonderful creative outlet for me. I can bring energy and organizational skills as secretary for the guild. It is so great to be associated with this energetic, talented group, and I would like to help keep the group going strong.”

James Scott

James grew up watching his grandmother hand and machine quilt and was constantly threading needles for her. He eventually had to help piece some triangles together but would stab his finger and gave it up.
One summer, James decided he wanted to make a Harry Potter Quilt and looked at some online tutorials to figure out how to do it. He enjoyed the planning out and execution and continued sewing off-and- on over the following years. He enjoys the planning out of a project, the piecing of the top and the satisfaction of putting it all together for a finished product. James loves bright colors (usually blue and green) and how the combinations can brighten up the day. James says, “Being with the guild has been fantastic and I have learned so much. I look forward to continuing to grow and help out in any way that I can.”

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