The Austin Modern Quilt Guild is a community of modern quilters in Austin and the surrounding areas who like to focus on modern design and quilting.  The quilts we make vary from traditional patterns made with funky fabrics to improvisational piecing with no patterns. We range from absolute beginner quilters to long time quilters with knowledge to share!

You can be involved in many ways as a member, virtually or in-person! We also have volunteering opportunities when you become part of one of our committees.

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Our Board
Amanda Hines

Amanda comes from a long line of quilters and sewists, and made her first quilt in December 2011. She joined the Austin MQG after the first Quilt Con in Spring 2013. She loves the way modern quilting makes a traditional craft relevant again, and the comfort a handmade quilt can bring. Amanda is excited to serve on the AMQG Board, and hopes to see you at a meeting!

Emily Sherry
Vice President of Communications

Emily started sewing in 2012 and quickly began quilting. She loves color, clean design elements and triangle quilts.
Emily has over a decade of experience with member-driven organizations and is excited to help the Austin Modern Quilt Guild continue to grow.

Amanda Hohnstreiter
Vice President of Programming

Amanda brought home a sewing machine in 2008 and after whipping up a ridiculous number of aprons, made her first quilt and was immediately hooked. She joined the Austin Modern Quilt Guild where she has been encouraged to push her creativity and skills even further than she thought possible. She’s most excited to help create more opportunities for members to plug in and use their talents within the guild.

Raquel Garza
Vice President of Events

Raquel pieced her first quilt at age 18, learning the time-honored tradition from her Aunt Lucia. However, she didn’t piece another quilt until she was about 32. 🙂
Raquel joined the AMQG in early 2014 and has enjoyed learning from her peers at meetings through demos, workshops and just seeing everyone’s endless examples of creativity through show-and-tell. She has enjoyed serving on the revamped service committee, and likes piecing quilts for charity, as well as the camaraderie that comes with it.
She hopes to serve the AMQG in a greater capacity, and will do so with enthusiasm.

Anna Kehl

Anna took her first sewing class from Stitch Lab in the fall of 2012. She had completed her first quilt by December of that year and hasn’t stopped since. Quilting has become a way for Anna to learn more about principles of design and color theory while making a useful and beloved object. Being a member of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild has allowed her to experience so much inspiration by seeing everyone else’s amazing work.

James Scott

James grew up watching his grandmother hand and machine quilt and was constantly threading needles for her. He eventually had to help piece some triangles together but would stab his finger and gave it up.
One summer, James decided he wanted to make a Harry Potter Quilt and looked at some online tutorials to figure out how to do it. He enjoyed the planning out and execution and continued sewing off-and- on over the following years. He enjoys the planning out of a project, the piecing of the top and the satisfaction of putting it all together for a finished product. James loves bright colors (usually blue and green) and how the combinations can brighten up the day. James says, “Being with the guild has been fantastic and I have learned so much. I look forward to continuing to grow and help out in any way that I can.”

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